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We have over 29 years experience manufacturing
our Decorative furniture quality wooden bird cages!

We are extremely excited to share with
you our Decorative Wooden Bird Cages for Sale!

.Medium Designer Bird Cage
Medium Designer in Cherry Wood with the
Red Mahogany measures 20x20x58 with the stand

Every unit we build is handcrafted with the
finest quality materials and workmanship!

The outside of all our decorative wooden aviaries are made of solid wood with a furniture quality finish. We offer solid Oak and Cherry Wood with a choice of 6 beautiful finishes.

INSIDE FINISH: The inside of our decorative wooden aviaries are lined entirely with metal and wire panels. All wood surfaces are completely protected so your bird cannot damage the wood. From the inside of the aviary, your bird cannot see the wood. The metal and wire panels have a durable non-toxic powder coated finish, and the wire space size is 1/2" by 1".

We use only Non-Toxic materials in the construction of every bird cage we offer.

Every model featured is designed to provide
a safe and easy to clean envirnment for your
birds! Our seed guards rally work at keeping
all the mes contained within the cage and not
on your floor.

All of our aviaries are 100% Guaranteed!

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A Metal cage within a
Decorative Wooden cage!

We have been manufacturing our decorative bird cages for over 28 years!

There is NO wood exposed on the inside of the cage, so your bird cannot chew the wood,


"FREE SHIPPING" with all bird cage orders - within the contiguous USA! (lower 48)


Your cage will arrive completely ready
for you to just let your bird inside!

All New!Our bird cages are guaranteed for: Parrots: Amazons, African Grey's, Goffin Cockatoos, Severe Macaws, all Small Parrots and smaller birds including: lovebirds, parrotlets, cockatiels, conures, parakeets, finches, and canaries.

You could have a Large Designer Bird Cage
Large Designer in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood
30x20x63 with the stand

We have thousands of Satisfied Customers, not only in the
United States but all over the world!
Call (505)287-8882

We are dedicated to producing the finest quality products for less! 100% guarenteed!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Made entirely in the USA!

Carefully Designed and Beautifully Finished!

A customer comment from South Carolina

Our "BEAUTIFUL" bird cage arrived yesterday. We were in awe of the wonderful craftmanship. Much of our experience ordering online items in the past has been a bit disappointing to say the least. This was a very refreshing experience by far. The bird cage photos on your website are wonderful but the bird cage up close and personal is absolutely amazing! Thank you for all your help and the excellent shipping/ packing to make sure the cage arrived completely intact.
-Debra & Zane H - Myrtle Beach SC - May 30, 2013
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If you are interested in selecting amongst a fine selection of attractive bird cages to complement your décor, you have come to the right place. We at Designer Aviaries are proud to present you with some of the most aesthetically pleasing bird cages to be found anywhere. We have been building ourbird cages for over 25 years, and are dedicated to producing bird cages that are built to withstand the test of time. We stand behind the quality of our manufacturing and the durability of our products. Our designs and materials are of the finest quality and we use only non-toxic materials in the production of our bird cages.

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Buy Now and get Free Shipping Buy Now and get "FREE SHIPPING" with all bird cage orders
-in the contiguous USA!

All of our Bird Cages are easy to clean and maintain!
Your bird will love our Cages

It is important to know that Designer Aviaries has the health of your bird in mind, and proudly uses the highest quality non-toxic materials in all of our bird cages. Our bird cages are shipped factory-direct with no assembly required, allowing you and your bird to enjoy the cage immediately upon arrival. Better still, the shipping on all bird cage
orders is free!

....You could have a Large Designer Bird Cage.............................You could have a Large Designer Bird Cage
Large Designer in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood.......Large Designer Bird Cage in White Wash Oak
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Large Deluxe Bird Cage......You could have a Large Designer Bird Cage
Deluxe Flight Cage in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood....................Large Designer with Double Yellowhead Amazon
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You will find a wonderful assortment of decorative bird cages perfect for your feathered friend. Choose amongst cherry woodand oak designs, in addition to a selection of finish choices that create a custom look. We also offer classic and designer models to help you find the bird cage that appeals to you most. Visit our home page to locate pictures of all of the attractive bird cage models we offer. We are confident that you will find the perfect cage for your specific needs.

Don't hesitate to contact us so that we can help you find the perfect bird cage and discuss your birds needs. You can reach us by phone at (505)287-8882, or send us an email at: A member of our professional staff will contact you shortly. We stand behind our bird cages 100 percent.

Our Bird Cages are not only beautiful and easy to clean and maintain, but they are also delivered fully assembled and ready to put your bird into the cage. Thank you for viewing our site and have a Great Day!

You could have a Large Designer Bird CageLarge DesignerYou could have a Large Classic Bird CageLarge Classic

Comments from a Customer in Maryland
Hello Carole, I don't know who is happier with his castle-Sherlock or Sherlock's maid(me). Sherlock has so much more room for his many toys. He loves being able to climb all over the cage, having both horizontal and vertical bars throughout the cage. He's definitely more active, with more room to roam, and I think he's talking more too. I consider this a very good sign that he is happy and content. I'm delight with the beauty of this "furiture". It's an injustice to call this a cage. I've named it his castle, as it's much more fitting. The craftmanship is truly outstanding. The cherry wood and red mahogany stain is beautiful. Everything I read from you customer's feedback is absolutely true. This is an investment in a beautiful and (here comes the maid's comment) very functional piece of furniture. This really is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It's twice the size of Sherlock's former cage, and yet it took me less time to clean. Whatever finish you use on the wiring makes it effortless, and the design which allows you to just slide out the bottom grate is fantastic. A quick wipe with a wet paper towel and I'm done.

This castle-it's design, the quality of materials, and superb craftsmanship is worth EVERY PENNY. Sherlock's Castle has a prominent place in my living room, and it fits as though it belongs with all my other pieces. Please thank your staff for creating this beauty. I appreciate their talent and hard work, especially after all the turmoil you al have faced with the terrible weather. And thank you Carole for taking time to help me make the right choice. Your knowledge and clear love for birds and what you do, is very evident. This beauty was very much worth the wait and we'll both be enjoying it for many, many, many years to come. Beat Wishes from Sherlock and Dawn.
Dawn R - Laurel, Maryland - June 7, 2015 *For Photos of Sherlock's "Castle go to "Galleries" at the top of this page, then the drop down menu to "Customer Photos" - Sherlock is there too!

We are proud to present you with a bird cage that is as structurally sound as well as beautiful. The inside of each cage is lined with durable metal, so that all wood surfaces are protected from the potential damage that could be caused by an active bird. The interior metal and wire panels offer a resilient powder-coated finish that is sure to last. You can email: or Call: 505-287-8882

No Assembly Necessary!


The Prices of all our cages include: cage and open shelf stand, casters, pull out drawer, removable wire grate, seed cups, natural branch perch and FREE SHIPPING to your door!
Buy your Bird Cage Now( Our shipping costs are between $300 and $450 because the cages come fully assembled and ready to put your bird inside)

20x20x58 with the stand/cage only 32" tall

Oak: (Natural, Walnut and White Wash Finish).................$ 798.00
(Dark Walnut stain $25.00 additional)

Cherry Wood:(Red Mahogany).............................................$ 848.00

30x20x63 with the stand/cage only 37" tall

Oak: (Natural, Walnut and White Wash Finish).................$ 1148.00
(Dark Walnut stain $25.00 additional)

Cherry Wood:(Red Mahogany).............................................$ 1178.00
(Natural stain $25.00 additional)

20x20x58 with the stand/cage only 32" tall

Oak: (Natural, Walnut and White Wash Finish)...................$ 798.00
(Dark Walnut stain $25.00 additional)

Cherry Wood:(Red Mahogany).............................................$ 848.00
(Natural stain $25.00 additional)

30x20x62 with the stand/cage only 36" tall

Oak: (Natural, Walnut and White Wash Finish)..................$ 1168.00
(Dark Walnut stain $25.00 additional)

Cherry Wood:(Red Mahogany).............................................$ 1198.00
(Natural stain $25.00 additional)

Cabinet Stands available in all models

Cabinet Stand
Buy your Bird Cage Now Pictured: Large Natural Cherry Wood

  • Medium Cabinet............................................$ 298.00 Large Cabinet...............................................$ 398.00
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