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For: Medium Parrots, Cockatiels, Conures & all small birds


We have been manufacturing decorative wooden
bird cages for over 28 years

Medium Classic Bird Cage
Medium Classic 20x20x58
Shown in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood

Our Bird Cages are not only beautiful and easy to clean and maintain, but they are also delivered fully assembled and ready for your bird to enjoy!

  • OUTSIDE WOODEN FINISH: The outside of our cages are solid wood with a furniture quality finish. Our decorative bird cages come in either Cherry Wood or Oak with a choice of 6 finishes.
  • INSIDE METAL FINISH: The inside of the cages are All Metal Lined to protect the wood from the birds chewing it. From the inside of the cage, the bird can't see the wood. The wire and metal panels have a long lasting powder coated finish; the wire size is 1/2" wide by 1" tall.
  • ALL BIRD CAGE ORDERS INCLUDE: Bird Cages and Stands, seed guards, Seed Cups (clear plastic removable from the outside), 1 Manzanita Perch, Wire Grate, Pull Out Drawer, Casters and FREE Shipping with all of our bird cages - contiguous USA
  • MEDIUM CLASSIC BIRD CAGE IS RECOMMENDED FOR: Conures, Cockatiels, Senegals, Quakers, Lovebirds and ALL Smaller Bird: including parrotlets, parakeets, canaries and finches.
  • "FREE SHIPPING"with all bird cage orders -within the contiguous USA! (lower 48)
  • Watch our bird cage videoWatch a Video of our cages!
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Medium Classic in Oak
20X20X58(Overall: bird cage & stand)
20X20X32(Cage Only

Our decorative cages are of the highest quality and manufactured with great pride and crafts-manship! Your bird is our first priority, and every cage is 100% guaranteed! Every detail in the manufacturing process is to produce not only a beautiful piece of furniture, but the most practical bird cage possible. Yes, they are easy to clean and maintain!

Medium Classic in Walnut Oak

Made entirely in the USA!

Large Classic cage with Cabinet stand

New cabinet stands
With the Natural Cherry Wood finish

If you want a Custom Cage Cover, our customers recommend
Judy's Stuff

No Assembly Required


  • OAK.........$ 808.00 Reg Price
    Stains: Natural, Walnut & White Wash
    Dark Walnut $25.00 extra
  • CHERRY Wood...$ 868.00
    Stain: Red Mahogany
    Natural Stain $25.00 extra

    Wood Samples of our bird cage finishes available upon request
  • Deluxe Medium Flight Cage................. $2398.00
  • Deluxe Medium Flight Cage with cabinet stands...$2998.00
  • FREE SHIPPING with all bird cage orders- contiguous USA

  • Play Stands come in a variety of sizes
  • Oak (3 finishes).....................................................$ 338.00
  • Cherry Wood (2finishes) ......................................$ 378.00

  • The playstand comes in a number of perch diameters to accommodate a variety of bird sizes.
  • Accessories
    • Extra medium manzanita perch.....$ 13.98-16.98
    • Extra large manzanita perch..........$ 13.98-16.98
    • Bird bath set .................................$48.00
    • Small Parrot Feeder.......................$35.98
    • FREE SHIPPING - Contiguous USA
    • Medium size Cabinet stand............$298.00

      New Medium Cabinet

      Cabinet stand is available with the Medium and Large bird cages. Also available with the Flight and Collared cages in a choice of 2 woods and 6 finishes.
    • New Medium Cabinet
    Medium bird cage with cabinet stand
    in oak with a the natural finish

Key Lock system

keylock key

New Key Lock......................................$50.00
-The key lock is available with all of our models

Medium Bath $ 48.00 Medium bath


Small Bath $38.00

small bath

Not Just a Bird Cage,
But a Designer Piece of Furniture


We ship FedEx!Remember FREE SHIPPING!contiguous US

The photo on the right is a Medium Classic in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood and the customers comments are below:

"Comments from this Customer"

Sending you pictures of the beautiful bird cage that you made for my new little Parrotlet.

The quality of this birdcage is awesome and the beautiful wood finish looks great with my decor. It doesn't seem proper to call this a "birdcage"… it is really first class and my bird gives it "8 toes up".

You have been a pleasure to work with and I give you "2 thumbs up".

Thanks for everything,
Kathy & "Peeps
September 17. 2015

Carole, thank you once again for my beautiful birdcage. You and your organization are the best !!!
September 23, 2015
Alpharetta, GA


Your cage will arrive completely ready
for you to just let your bird inside!

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Natural Oak Meduim Classic Bird Cage
Medium Classic in Natural Oak

A customer comment from Canada

I just wanted to let you know that our bird cage arrived on Thursday. It is exquisite, we are beyond happy with it! I can't imagine a more beautiful bird cage and it looks perfect in our home and matches a lot of the furniture we already have. Thank you so much, we will definitely recommend your cages to anyone who wants one. Thanks again!
-Beth & William B - New Westmin]ster BC Canada - March 10, 2012 [ read more testimonials]

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    Contiguous USA

    The Medium Deluxe

    The Medium Deluxe bird cage is two Medium Classic cages collared together to form a flight cage with a crown molding top.

    Cost $2698.00
    Which includes 2 medium classic cages with 2 open shelf stands, casters on the stands, 4 seed cups, seed guards on the sides and back, 2 pull out drawers, 2 wire grates that pull out through the drawer opening, 2 perches, all the materials for the collar already installed, small amount of assembly to attach the cages, crown molding that set over the top of the cage and free shipping to your door -contiguous US

    With cabinet stands the cost is: 2998.00

    Medium Deluxe
    This shows two Medium Classic cages collared together
    as a flight cage. Photo is shown without the stands.

    The measurements are 42" wide by 20" deep by 62" tall on the outside. Inside cage measurements are 39" wide by 19" deep by 32" tall

    This photo does not show the crown molding top nor the stands

.Medium Classic cages collared together
Medium Classic collared together in Natural Cherry Wood.
42" wide by 20" deep by 62" tall with the stand and crown molding.

This is the cage set up in our customers office.
Note: we now have a crown molding top with this cage.

Collared Classic bird cages

This customers comments
Hi Carole: We had no trouble collaring the cages together thanks to your instructions, and the result is really beautiful. It's such a pleasure to have in the room, and the finches seem perfectly comfortable. Thanks! Elizabeth

Watch our bird cage videoSMALL PARROT FEEDER...............$38.98

Cockatiel on Pet Feeder
WIDTH 2 7/8" 2 7/8"
HEIGHT 9 1/8" 12 3/8"
DEPTH 3 1/8" * 2 1/2"
FOOD n/a 10 oz. **

* with perch: 5 1/8"
** weight is based on "Small Hook Bill" mixture

The pet is designed for small birds up to one Cockatiel, including Finches and Parakeets, as well as a breeding pair of smaller birds, such as Lovebirds, Parrotlets, Green Cheek Conures, etc. Made of 1/8" thick acrylic.

We ship FedEx"FREE SHIPPING" with all Bird Cage orders within the contiguous USA! (lower 48)

Below is Sammy enjoying his Medium Classic in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood. The cage is now 15 years old, and we are told that
he is still very happy in his cage. After 15 years, our customer just ordered a replacement wire grate, otherwise the cage is perfect.

If your have any questions, please feel free to call: 505-287-8882 or





Carefully Designed and Beautifully Finished!

with all bird cage orders - Contiguous U.S.

Additional Photos of our medium classic bird cages - click on thumbnails to enlarge photos

Deluxe Flicght Cage

The Deluxe Flight Cage: This is a double-wide Large Classic design in cherry wood with red mahogany stain. 60" wide by 20" deep by 34" tall without the top and stands. Overall height is 66". The decorative flight cage comes with the double cages and open shelf stands, the deluxe top, 4 seed cups, 8" seed guards on both sidesand across the back, two pull out drawers, 2 wire grates, 2 perches and FREE shipping (contiguous USA). Price: $3498.00

Deluxe Flicght Cage

60" wide by 20" deep by 34" tall without the top and stands. Overall height is 66". The flight cage comes with the double cages and stands, the deluxe top, 4 seed cups, 8" seed guards on both side and across the back, two pull out drawers, 2 wire grates, 2 perches and FREE shipping (contiguous USA). Price: $3998.00

Removable medium size bird cage bath

Medium size bird bath that is removable from the outside of the large bird cages. Great for all medium size birds: Lovebirds, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Conures.

We also offer a small bath for Finches and Canaries. These bird baths can be attached to any of our bird cages including our

Bath mount - View from the inside of the bird cage. The bath is removable from the outside of the bird cages for easy cleaning
Bath Monut Bird Cage - Inside View Bath Monut Bird Cage - Inside View
This is a side view of the Medium Classic bird cage in the natural oak
Side view of Medium Classic bird cage in natural oakMedium Classic Bird Cage in Natural Oak
This is a view looking through the front of the bird cage showing the detail of the metal and wire
Medium Classic Bird Cage with the Natural Cherry Wood finish - Guaranteed Kitty Proof
Medium Classic Bird Cage Kitty Proof Bird Cages
The Classic bird cage drawer with the wire grate pulled out partway. Both can be removed separately from the bird cages
Bird Cage Drawer
This is a medium classic bird cage
in natural oak
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