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A customer comment from Canada

I just wanted to let you know that our bird cage arrived on Thursday. It is exquisite, we are beyond happy with it! I can't imagine a more beautiful bird cage and it looks perfect in our home and matches a lot of the furniture we already have. Thank you so much, we will definitely recommend your cages to anyone who wants one. Thanks again!
-Beth & William B - New Westmin]ster BC Canada - March 10, 2012 [ read more testimonials]

Give your birds what they need with our one-of-a-kind conure bird cages. Suitable for Amazons and smaller birds, our cages accommodate the busiest of birds--even the ones that are notoriously hard on cages. When you give your birds the security and physical features they need to behave naturally, you satisfy them emotionally. The result is happier, healthier birds.

Conures and other medium-sized birds adore climbing. They're uniquely suited to the purpose, with beaks and talons that hook and grip, and longer bodies that can balance vertically. Our bird cages are built tall enough to encourage up-and-down movement. The interior grid cage is really a playground in disguise. You can add extra perches or ladders to make it a veritable amusement park.

Keep Them Busy in Our Beautiful Conure Bird Cages

Medium Designer Bird cage in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood/Medium Classic in Natural Oak

Large Designer Bird Cage ----------------- Large Classic Bird Cage
Large Designer in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood ------------------------ Large Classic in Walnut Oak

Many pet birds are very intelligent and need lots of mental stimulation in order to thrive. Toys and human interaction are great, but birds also need physical exercise and "bird" play. In our cages, they'll have room to explore, feed, bathe and just hang out, alone or with other birds. This all adds up to low stress for your conures, cockatiels and canaries.

We keep the stress in buying conure bird cages low for you, too. Enjoy shopping online, ordering from a real person, and receiving your beautiful new furniture at your door. We'll get your order right and ship it to you fast. Don't worry about your investment or satisfaction. If our beautiful cages aren't exactly what you want, we offer a 100-percent guarantee. Please contact us at 505-287-8882 or you can email at: to order.

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