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Dog and cat owners are famous for pampering their pets, so why not pamper your avian friends with our exotic bird cages? Designer Aviaries offers the spaciousness, gorgeous design and clever features that turn plain old bird cages into sumptuous homes for your Amazons, African Greys or other parrots. All smaller birds can also enjoy what one customer has dubbed our "birdie spas." You may notice a world of difference after your pets move into their new haven.

Our exotic bird cages offer the total spa experience. Fitness options include climbing the wire grate, swinging, and aerobics. Choose from our exercise collection of manzanita swings and perches. Sturdy and easy-to-clean seed cups make for healthy meals. Let the pampering begin with our great big bird baths and preening perches. Please consult our home page for additional information on the choices available for your parrot.

Exotic Bird Cages in a variety of choices

Large DesignerLarge Classic

We know you hope to enjoy the company of your bird for years, so we build strong cages that will look splendid for a very long time. These exotic additions to your home will give you and your guests pleasure, lending a refined touch to any room. Surround your aviary with nontoxic plants and turn a corner of your kitchen, dining room or den into a birdie spa that will please you as much as it pleases your pet.

We know that the best way to please exotic pet owners is to make quality cages that are easy to clean. Our unique, see-through spill guards eliminate the need to sweep up spilled seed. Baths lift out through an exterior door, and everything else is caught in a pull-out drawer. Place your order by contacting us at today.

Emmett enjoying his Large Designer bird cage

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