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Medium Designer Bird Cage
Yes, every bird cage is handcrafted with the
quality materials and workmanship!

  • OUTSIDE FINISH: The outside of all our aviaries are made of solid wood with a furniture quality finish. Our cages come with a choice of solid Oak or Cherry Wood with a choice of 6 beautiful finishes.
  • INSIDE FINISH: The inside of our wooden aviaries are lined entirely with metal and wire. All wood surfaces are completely protected so your bird cannot damage the wood. From the inside of the bird cage, your bird cannot see the wood. The metal and wire panels have a durable powder coated finish, and the wire space size is 1/2" by 1".
  • All of our products are manufactured totally at our shop in New Mexico. No Assembly is necessary!
  • We use all non-toxic materials in the construction of every bird cage we offer.
  • Every cage featured is designed to provide a safe easy to clean environment for your birds! Our seed guards really work at keeping all the mess from the birds inside the cage and not on the floor.
  • We have thousands of Satisified Customers, not only in the United States, but in other countries as well!
  • All of our aviaries are 100% Guaranteed! We know you and your bird will be happy with our products!
  • We use only the highest quality materials and finishes in the production of every decorative bird cage. They are made from solid Oak and Cherry Wood.
  • We do all the wood working, the metal and wire frabrication, as well as the powder coating at our facility in New Mexico.


We have over 25 years experience in
manufacturing our decorative bird cages!

A Metal bird cage within a
Decorative Wooden bird cage!

There is NO wood exposed on the inside of the cage, so
the birds cannot chew the wood!

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Our decorative cages are guaranteed for Amazon's, African Grey's, Goffin Cockatoos, Severe Macaws, small to medium size parrots and all smaller birds
including parakeets, finches, and canaries.

large designer
Large Designer in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood
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Your bird cage will arrive at your home
fully assembled
and ready for your bird.

Made entirely in the USAMade entirely in the USA


Comments from a Customer in Florida

Afternoon Carole, I unwrapped the cage and WOW! It is just beautiful. The wood is lovely and the natural color is exactly what I like and will go with everything in my new home. I will slowly introduce my naughty little lovebird to his new home, and I know it will be perfect for him. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I very much appreciate the quality workmanship that went into the building of the cage. Sincerely,
-Janet E. - Naples, FL - August 18, 2014

We build the Finest Quality Decorative Bird Cage for less!

Deluxe Flight bird cages

Deluxe Flight Bird Cage
is pictured without the stand in solid Cherry Wood
with the Red Mahogany finish.
*Click on the photos for prices

Large Classic Bird Cages_Medium Classic bird cages in red mahogany cherry wood
Left photo: Large Classic model in solid Oak with the Walnut Finish
Right photo: Medium Classic in solid Cherry Wood Red Mahogany

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the prices are also listed on our order page

Medium Designer bird cage in natural cherry wood-Medium natural oak
Medium Designer Natural Cherry....Medium Designer in Natural Oak

We offer the Cabinet Stand for those who want a more formal look!
They are available in the Medium and Large models only.
The Cabinet keeps the bird supplies out of sight!

New cabinet style Classic bird cage_Medium Classic with cabinet stand
All New!The Cabinet stand is available in the Medium and Large models only
- click on the photos for prices and information on these cages

cabinet_Medium Designer with Cabinet Stand
Large Designer Red Mahogany CherryWood/ Medium Designer in Natural Oak
click for prices on Large Designer -------------- click for prices on Medium Designer

CHAMELEON and GECKO cage available in solid Oak or Cherry Wood

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We offer a decorative cage with 1/4" by 1/4" wire
for Chameleons and Geckos! It comes with the pull out drawer, wire grate, eye bolts in the top for hanging plants, open stand and casters. There is great visibility into the cage and can be customized with plexiglas.

Many of our customer also use our bird cages
for various small animals like flying squirrels.

Medium Classics Flight Cage

Note: This cage now comes with crown molding and is the Medium Deluxe cage. This is two medium Classic cages collared together so the
birds can fly from one cage to the other. It is featured above in the Natrual Cherry Wood and shown without the open shelf stands. We offer the cabinet stands as well.

The cage is 42" wide by 20" deep by 61" tall with the stand and casters
Photo of this cage in our customers office with her comments on the link below
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All of our products are TAX FREE
Except for the State of New Mexico

Our products are manufactured entirely in one location.
Our shop is divided into two working areas. One area does all the metal and wire fabrication, and the powder coating of the metal and wire interior panels. The second area does all the wood working and the final wood finishing.
We also offer bird supplies and perches for all size birds and cages

Deluxe High Rise

Deluxe High Rise High Rise High Rise
Deluxe High Rise in Red Mahogany Cherry Wood/Above set up with birds.

This model was designed for those with limited space in their home
and have multiple birds. It is built as three separate units (a cabinet, a
bottom cage and a top cage), so it is easy to set up. It's also great for a breeding pair of birds. Each cage is 30" wide by 20" deep and 20" inside height space. There is lighting in the 6" space between the cages and in
the space at the top.
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Comments from our Customers
Hi Carole: We had no trouble collaring the cages together thanks to your instructions, and the result is really beautiful. It's such a pleasure to have in the room, and the finches seem perfectly comfortable.

- Elizabeth R. - Arlington, MA
September 4, 2014

Yup.I think I,m in luv. This cage is just gorgeous. I will be sending in a review and another picture, as I'm intending to pick up a fabulous fake tree to sit along the cage. Not only enhances it's looks but provides a feeling of natural security for Misty. NOTE: At the bottom of the cage, what do you see..nothing after 4 days.. No seed, nuts, fruit or plumage. First time I have seen a clear carpet by a bird cage. Second, besides having its own Bose music system, at the back of the cage you will notice an 8 inch tablet playing National Geographic's bird movies-Lou G - Osgoode, Ontario Canada - May 13, 2014Large Designer cage with Cabinet
Misty is enjoying the top of her cage. - photo courtesy of Lou in Canada

Hi Carole, We just love our bird cage, the craftsmanship is exquisite!  We want to thank you and your company for being so accommodating on making the modifications we wanted regarding the large front plexiglass door as well as the plexiglass back panel.   The cage is a breeze to clean, and we love that we have an unobstructed view of our Crimson Bellied Conure, and that he also doesn't have to look out through bars as well.  We would highly recommend your cages to anyone.  Thank you again! photo on customer page
Roxie W. - Lincoln, Nebraska - November 4, 2013

Thank you Carole: The cage matches my kitchen cabinets and my birds are so spoiled with all the toys; I filled every corner. They loved the perch so much that they were fighting over it. Beautiful craftsmanship and very impressed with the flawless design. I almost wanted to buy fake birds so it wouldn't get dirty and keep the mess in the old cage ha-ha. Sherbert, Gelato, Bluebell and Blondie have been chirpy and seem to be very happy in their new roomy condo. My husband and I called it the Rolls Royce of all cages. This cage is easier to clean and stays cleaner longer. I am happy to recommend this purchase..Much thanks from The Birds and Us! photos are on the customer page
Joanna M - Fredricksburg, VA -
August 22, 2013

I just finished unwrapping the cage. It was wrapped so well it took me a little while to get it out. My 5 year old daughter was so excited and helped me. It was worth the price. I was hesitant at first to purchase this cage as it was over my budget. I didn't want a typical cage to be in my living room with my nice furniture. This cage looks outstanding and matches my decor. I would recommend this cage to anyone looking for something different that wants superior quality. Great job and thanks for all your help!
- Beth H. - Marlboro NJ
- July 16, 2013

Our "BEAUTIFUL" bird cage arrived yesterday. We were in awe of the wonderful craftmanship. Much of our experience ordering online items in the past has been a bit disappointing to say the least. This was a very refreshing experience by far. The bird cage photos on your website are wonderful but the bird cage up close and personal is absolutely amazing! Thank you for all your help and the excellent shipping/ packing to make sure the cage arrived completely intact.
-Debra & Zane H -Myrtle Beach SC - May 30, 2013

My cage was delivered and it's all set up and looks even better than I expected! It adds a perfect touch to our study and Izzy and Sebastian are adapting very well! Thank you so much
-Samantha W - Glenn Allen, VA
..large designer

Hello: I purchased a Large Designer cage in Cherry Wood with a cabinet in January of this year. When it arrived, I was amazed at the quality of the cage, and loved the wood and the finish. I ordered a dupliate cage in May, and it's as beautiful as the first - my birds are so happy! I have now ordered and received a Medium Designer with a cabinet in the same finish as the large cages. It's gorgeous too! Will somebody please stop me!
I am a very happy customer, and who knows what I will order next. Thank you

-David S - Riverside CA David's cages
David has done it again! He now has a 4th Designer cage!

David's 4th cage

Carole: Quick note to let you know that everything arrived intact ...WOW...Exceeded every expectation!! The craftsmanship, fit and finish is awesome and the color is perfect!! What amazing attention to detail. Will send pictures soon. Thank you so much....Linda is SO happy with her anniversary present!
-Mark A. - Castle Rock, CO
.Mark's cage

Hi Carole: The cage arrived safely today. It is beautiful and the residents will love it once we get the birds! I will definitely keep you in mind if we have future needs!
-Presbyterian Senior Living - Easton PA

I just wanted to let you know we received our bird cage and we just love it! We searched all over for the perfect bird cage, and we found it. What a beautiful piece of furniture. The way you thought of everything we were wanting is amazing. From the craftsmanship to the packaging of it all. You even put notes in the packing for easy unwrapping and setting up. Out bird is so happy and you were right, she loves the bird bath. Thank you so much for all the hard work and engineering it took to build the perfect bird cage. What a great piece of furniture to have in our family room. I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW HAPPY WE ARE!
-Sandi H - Phoenix AZ

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Yes, our cages we are easy
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