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A customer comment from South Carolina

Our "BEAUTIFUL" bird cage arrived yesterday. We were in awe of the wonderful craftmanship. Much of our experience ordering online items in the past has been a bit disappointing to say the least. This was a very refreshing experience by far. The bird cage photos on your website are wonderful but the bird cage up close and personal is absolutely amazing! Thank you for all your help and the excellent shipping/ packing to make sure the cage arrived completely intact.
-Debra & Zane H - Myrtle Beach SC - May 30, 2013
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For birds that love togetherness but need lots of space, we've fashioned cages to satisfy the "love bird" mentality. Our cages will be a paradise in their eyes--and just as beautiful in yours--because our designer and classic bird cages are lovingly hand-crafted by American designers. Browse our collection of beautiful hardwood cages, which are large enough to satisfy Amazons and conures, yet shaped to create a sense of security.

The interior of each cage is built with strong, frisky birds in mind. You'll love the quality of our materials and the sturdy construction. Powder-coated wire can't be damaged or ingested. Grid-style walls encourage climbing and will last for years on end without cracking. Our perches and swings are made of tough, natural manzanita wood that even parrots can't hurt. Easy-clean features result in a healthier environment that birds will love. After all, a cleaner environment helps birds thrive.

Love bird cage Perfect love bird cages love bird cage

Love Bird Cages with Long-Lasting Quality

Avian pet owners across the United States and Canada have enjoyed Designer Aviaries' cages for nearly 20 years. We still bring the same quality to every cage, from the long-wearing metal core and smoothly opening doors and drawers to the perfectly finished wood. These lovely bird homes are safe and nontoxic to birds, and they're built to last and look new for decades.

Our customers love our shipping policy. Shipping is free in the contiguous U.S., and it's on time--or even faster. Your order will arrive in pristine condition and in the configuration that you selected. We insist on quality, right down to the quality of the delivery at your door. Contact us today for the best in designer bird cages. Email to get started.

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