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We have over 29 years experience manufacturing our
furniture style wooden bird cages for Amazons, African Greys
and all smaller birds including Parakeets!

Upgrade your parrot's or parakeet's lifestyle with a designer bird cage from Designer Aviaries. Does your big bird need more space? We've got plenty of it. Does your pet like to chew or climb? That's no problem. Our spacious, sturdy cages also happen to be as fashionable as it gets, with a streamlined look in beautiful cherry or oak hardwood, plus brass fittings. These cages are built to last a very long time, so invest in the future as you go upscale.

Carefully Designed and Beautifully Finished!

At the heart of our bird cages is strong, powder-coated metal wire that is safe for--and from--birds. Beaks and claws are no match for an exterior so tough that it also serves as an exercise grid. With our rust-resistant cages, there's no more peeling metal or paint, and no more slippery bars that discourage your bird from climbing. The secure framework all but disappears behind a beautiful outer wood enclosure.

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Upgrade your Parrot or Parakeet Bird Cages to Oak or Cherry

Large Cages
Large Designer in Cherry Wood with red Mahogany finish..................Large Classic in Oak with the Walnut finish
A Metal cage within a Decorative Wooden cage!

You'll immediately appreciate the huge visual difference when you trade in your bird's old wire cage for one of our solid oak or cherry models. Like fine furniture, our cages harmonize with a room and add to, rather than subtract from, its good looks. Parrots or parakeets can't reach or damage the outer wood, which we'll be glad to stain naturally or in a mahogany or walnut finish, as you choose.

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Customers refer to our cages as "condos," and your birds will show you why. The added space and thoughtful design make them happier and more secure. We have cages for parrots, parakeets and all smaller birds. Browse our selection and contact us to order at today. Call: 505-287-8882

Medium Cages
Medium Designer in Natural Cherry Wood..............................Medium Classic in Natural Oak

We ship FedEx! "FREE SHIPPING: with all bird cage orders - within the contiguous USA! (lower 48)

No Assembly Required! Yes, all of our cages are easy to clean and maintain

Made entirely in the USA!

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