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We have over 29 years experience manufacturing decorative
furniture quality parrot bird cages for Amazons,
African Greys and all smaller birds!

Designer Aviaries proudly offers a selection of large cages that perfectly accommodate African Greys and other smaller parrots. Parrots prefer a bird cage that will allow them to move around comfortably and spread both wings from time to time. In many respects, parrots are as aware of their accommodations as we are, so treat them to an elegant cage that is sure to help them live more comfortably. Please consult our home page for additional information on the choices available for your parrot.

Decorative Parrot Bird Cage and accessories

Our customers appreciate the aesthetic charm offered by our designer cages, especially when compared to simple metal or plastic models. All of our cages are encased in a strong oak or cherry wood structure and feature a selection of rich stain colors of your choice. A designer parrot bird cage is an attractive addition to any room.
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Every decorative parrot bird cage featured on our site includes a stand, seed guards and cups, a manzanita perch, a wire grate and a pull-out drawer. Parrots thrive in clean conditions, making our cages the perfect solution. Every parrot bird cage featured at Designer Aviaries is lined in powder-coated metal, and the convenient pull out drawer makes cleanup a cinch. Be sure to take a look at our home page

You and your parrot will both enjoy these spacious cages. Contact us today at (505)287-4198, or submit an order to our email address at We will review your request and contact you to discuss the best options for you and your parrot. We at Designer Aviaries are proud to offer you a quality cage and the added benefit of free shipping. Every parrot bird cage arrives fully assembled for quick enjoyment!

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