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Parrot Bird Cages

We have over 29 years experience manufacturing decorative
furniture style bird cages for Amazons,
African Greys and all smaller birds !

African Greys and smaller parrots feel perfectly at home in one of our beautiful parrot bird cages. We recommend our large classic and large designer models to ensure that your parrot is given the appropriate amount of room to feel comfortable within the cage. At Designer Aviaries, we are happy to help you determine which cage is best suited for your unique parrot. Please consult our home page for additional information on the choices available for your parrot.

Decorative Parrot Bird Cages

As compared to other birds, parrots require a bit more space to stretch their wings. In addition to your parrot's physical comfort, we prioritize its physical safety, as well. We understand that you want what's best for your little friend, which is why we specifically use non-toxic materials on all of our parrot bird cages.

Designer Classic

Please visit our home page to compare the different styles of parrot bird cages we offer. Our designer model parrot bird cages have a hexagonal top and look attractive in every setting. If you prefer a more streamlined design, consider selecting from our line of classic parrot bird cages.

In addition to high-quality decorative parrot bird cages and outstanding customer service, we offer you free shipping on every cage order as well! Contact us today to give your parrot the gift of luxury. Give us a call at (505)287-4198, or send us quick email at so we can call you back to discuss your order and help you identify the perfect cage for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Large Designer Parrot Bird Cages

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