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We have over 25 years experience manufacturing our decorative
small bird cages for a variety of birds!

A customer comment from Canada

I just wanted to let you know that our bird cage arrived on Thursday. It is exquisite, we are beyond happy with it! I can't imagine a more beautiful bird cage and it looks perfect in our home and matches a lot of the furniture we already have. Thank you so much, we will definitely recommend your cages to anyone who wants one. Thanks again!
-Beth & William B - New Westmin]ster BC Canada - March 10, 2012 [ read more testimonials]

At Designer Aviaries, our small bird cages are bigger than some "large" commercial cages. No matter the size of your bird (up to Amazons), the improvement in quality of life will be huge when you switch from a metal crate to a hand-crafted furnishing that is suitable for many types of captive birds. The extra space and clever design make bird move-ins a breeze.

Besides maximizing space and security, our cages invite small birds to spread out, stay healthy, and have fun. Flight, grooming, and exercise are all encouraged, and there's plenty of room for a selective, mixed-species community. Among the birds we are comfortable to house in the Small Designer bird cage are: finches, canaries,
love birds, parakeets, parrolets, Gouldians and all small birds.

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Small Bird Cages That Are Big on Quality and constructed to be easy to clean and maintain!

Whatever bird you keep, our designer and classic aviaries encourage natural, healthy behavior. The easy-to-clean sliding tray and large optional bird baths can improve the hygiene of your bird's home area. An added health bonus is the inner cage structure itself, which serves as a climbing grid. You'll find your bird's exercise and interest level increase after a move to one of our cages.

Our beautiful cages will fit seamlessly into your decor, no matter how elegant it may be. Removable seed guards keep your surroundings tidy. Does your pet need a lifestyle boost? If your bird is still living in a small wire cage and shows signs of anxiety (such as obsessive plucking) or poor health, try one of our thoughtfully designed cages. It will fit seamlessly into your decor, and may even be the highlight of the room in which you place it. To order, please contact now.

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