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I have owned my flight cage for four years now and our cage is still like new!  Your quality of design, and when I lost piece or two, your Customer Service has been excellent . I had my cage altered so that a plexiglass front was put on and you handled my alteration beautifully.  I also had two cages put together with the plexiglass across the whole front. Your ability to make this design without a flaw was admirable.My finches love the flight from one side to the other and also up and down.  Two lights on top really have made my birds happy and visible.  And a few plastic plants make our finches very happy.I would love to buy a second sometime soon!  Thank you very much for our wonderful cage!!!
Lisa T - March 16, 2017 - New York
Carole, I just recieved my cage. It is absolutely perfect. I love it! You have been so great to deal with. Thank you! I've already recommended your cages to the lady I'm getting my birds from. Now all I have to do is wait for my babies. Thanks again! Kelli
Kelli G - Portage, IN - February 20, 2017

"furiture". It's an injustice to call this a cage. I've named it his castle, as it's much more fitting. The craftmanship is truly outstanding. The cherry wood and red mahogany stain is beautiful. Everything I read from you customer's feedback is absolutely true. This is an investment in a beautiful and (here comes the maid's comment) very functional piece of furniture. This really is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. It's twice the size of Sherlock's former cage, and yet it took me less time to clean. Whatever finish you use on the wiring makes it effortless, and the design which allows you to just slide out the bottom grate is fantastic. A quick wipe with a wet paper towel and I'm done.
This castle-it's design, the quality of materials, and superb craftsmanship is worth EVERY PENNY. Sherlock's Castle has a prominent place in my living room, and it fits as though it belongs with all my other pieces. Please thank your staff for creating this beauty. I appreciate their talent and hard work, especially after all the turmoil you al have faced with the terrible weather. And thank you Carole for taking time to help me make the right choice. Your knowledge and clear love for birds and what you do, is very evident. This beauty was very much worth the wait and we'll both be enjoying it for many, many, many years to come. Beat Wishes from Sherlock and Dawn.
Dawn R - Laurel, Maryland - June 7, 2015 *For Photos of Sherlock's "Castle go to "Galleries" at the top of this page, then the drop down menu to "Customer Photos" - Sherlock is there too!

Hi Carole: We had no trouble collaring the cages together thanks to your instructions, and the result is really beautiful. It's such a pleasure to have in the room, and the finches seem perfectly comfortable.
- Elizabeth R. - Arlington, MA - September 4, 2014

Afternoon Carole, I unwrapped the cage and WOW! It is just beautiful. The wood is lovely and the natural color is exactly what I like and will go with everything in my new home. I will slowly introduce my naughty little lovebird to his new home, and I know it will be perfect for him. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I very much appreciate the quality workmanship that went into the building of the cage. Sincerely,
-Janet E.- Naples, FL - August 18, 2014

Yup….I think I’m in luv.  This cage is just gorgeous.  I will be sending in a review and another picture as I’m intending to pick up a fabulous fake tree to sit along the cage.  Not only enhances it’s looks but provides a feeling of natural security for Misty. NOTE: At the bottom of the cage, what do you see…..nothing after 4 days.. No seed, nuts, fruit or plumage. First time I have seen a clear carpet by a bird cage.  Second, besides having its’ own Bose music system, at the back of the cage you will notice an 8 inch tablet playing National Geographic’s bird movies.
-Lou G - Osgoode, Ontario Canada - May 13, 2014

Hi Carole, We just love our bird cage, the craftsmanship is exquisite!  We want to thank you and your company for being so accommodating on making the modifications we wanted regarding the large front plexiglass door as well as the plexiglass back panel.   The cage is a breeze to clean, and we love that we have an unobstructed view of our Crimson Bellied Conure, and that he also doesn't have to look out through bars as well.  We would highly recommend your cages to anyone.  Thank you again!
Roxie W. - Lincoln, Nebraska - November 4, 2013

Thank you Carole: The cage matches my kitchen cabinets and my birds are so spoiled with all the toys; I filled every corner. They loved the perch so much that they were fighting over it. Beautiful craftsmanship and very impressed with the flawless design. I almost wanted to buy fake birds so it wouldn't get dirty and keep the mess in the old cage ha-ha. Sherbert, Gelato, Bluebell and Blondie have been chirpy and seem to be very happy in their new roomy condo. My husband and I called it the Rolls Royce of all cages.. Much thanks from The Birds and Us! photos on the customer page
- Joanna M - Fredricksburg, VA - August 22, 2013

I just finished unwrapping the cage. It was wrapped so well it took me a little while to get it out. My 5 year old daughter was so excited and helped me. It was worth the price. I was hesitant at first to purchase this cage as it was over my budget. After looking on line I noticed all the other cages looked the same. I didn't want a typical cage to be in my living room with my nice furniture. This cage looks outstanding and matches my decor. I would recommend this cage to anyone looking for something different that wants superior quality. Great job and thanks for all your help!
- Beth H. - Marlboro NJ - July 16, 2013

Our "BEAUTIFUL" bird cage arrived yesterday. We were in awe of the wonderful craftmanship. Much of our experience ordering online items in the past has been a bit disappointing to say the least. This was a very refreshing experience by far. The bird cage photos on your website are wonderful but the bird cage up close and personal is absolutely amazing! Thank you for all your help and the excellent shipping/ packing to make sure the cage arrived completely intact.
-Debra & Zane H -Myrtle Beach, SC- May 30, 2013

Hi Carole, My bird cage arrived today and it looks beautiful!! Thank you so much for everything. Have a great day!
- Shannon D. - Spring Lake MI - April 30, 2013

Got it Today! I love it. Casey my blue fronted amazon likes it too. Thank you again!
-Celena T. - Winnebago, IL - March 21, 2014

Hi Carole, I received my cage today and it is really beautiful. I am so happy with it. Thank you so much!
-Michele S. - Courtenay BC Canada- January 24, 2013

I just wanted to let you know that our bird cage arrived on Thursday. It is exquisite, we are beyond happy with it! I can't imagine a more beautiful bird cage and it looks perfect in our home and matches a lot of the furniture we already have. Thank you so much, we will definitely recommend your cages to anyone who wants one. Thanks again!
-Beth & William B - New Westminster BC Canada - March 10, 2012

Carole, The new cages arrived this afternoon, and I am speechless! I think that is a first for me :) They are simply stunning. The superb craftmanship, the sheer beauty and even the intricate packaging far exceed my expectations! BTW, it took a full 4 hours for me to unbox and unwrap the 3 boxes. I had just returned from the gym when the shipment arrived, and I have to be honest - I'm more exhausted from unpackaging the cages then from the workout! LOL
I think we have all become accustomed to inferior products shipped from China, that we've forgotten what it's like to receive a product so well made!
A sincere THANK YOU - to you and your entire crew- for all the superb thought, design, detail, workmanship and care that went into these cages. I realized a moment ago that our birds now have a much nicer home than we I think we're going to have to upgrade ourselves at some point before long just to keep up with our birds! LOL Thanks again! Dave

-David R - Washington DC - March 31, 2013

I just wanted to let you know we received our bird cage and we just love it! We searched all over for the perfect bird cage, and we found it. What a beautiful piece of furniture. The way you thought of everything we were wanting is amazing. From the craftsmanship to the packaging of it all. You even put notes in the packing for easy unwrapping and setting up. Our bird is so happy and you were right, she loves the bird bath. Thank you so much for all the hard work and engineering it took to build the perfect bird cage. What a great piece of furniture to have in our family room. I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW HAPPY WE ARE!
-Sandi H - Phoenix AZ - December 1, 2011

My cage was delivered and it's all set up and looks even better than I expected! It adds a perfect touch to our study and Izzy and Sebastian are adapting very well! Thank you so much
-Samantha W - Glenn Allen, VA - October 5, 2011

Hello: I purchased a Large Designer cage in Cherry Wood with a cabinet in January of this year. When it arrived, I was amazed at the quality of the cage, and loved the wood and the finish. I ordered a dupliate cage in May, and it's as beautiful as the first - my birds are so happy! I have now ordered and received a Medium Designer with a cabinet in the same finish as the large cages. It's gorgeous too! Will somebody please stop me!
I am a very happy customer, and who knows what I will order next. Thank you
-David S - Riverside CA - August 4, 2011

Carole: Quick note to let you know that everything arrived intact ...WOW...Exceeded every expectation!! The craftsmanship, fit and finish is awesome and the color is perfect!! What amazing attention to detail. Will send pictures soon. Thank you so much....Linda is SO happy with her anniversary present!
-Mark A. - Castle Rock. CO - July 17, 2011

Hi Carole, the cage arrived a few hours ago in perfect condition! It is beautiful! Thank you so much.
-Colette P - Ithaca NY - February 19, 2011

Hi Carole: The cage arrived safely today. It is beautiful and the residents will love it once we get the birds! I will definitely keep you in mind if we have future needs!
-Presbyterian Senior Living - Easton PA - January 17, 2011

Excellent workmanship! I was very surprised. Thank you!
-Eddie R - Ardmore OK - September 19, 2010

My new cage, it's so beautiful - I love it!!!!
-Dee P - Flagler Beach FL - Setember 9, 2010

Hello: I recently purchased a medium size designer cage from you. I love the cage and am extremely pleased with the purchase. Everyone has commented on how beautiful the cage is. Thanks
-Doug P. - Key West, Fl - February 7, 2010

Hi Carole, The cage arrived in perfect shape on Saturday morning. The birds have taken to it beautifully. They immediately bathed in the water cup! Everyone is as happy as can be. What a beautiful addition to my home. My neighbor called it a palace for birds. Thanks very much!
-Mary Anne D. - Homewood, IL - November 9, 2009

Dear Carole: I just had to write and let you know how happy we are! I ordered the large designer cage from you in the cherry wood with red mahogany stain for my conure, Baby. We received it last week just as promised. The way the cage was packed, I'm sure it could have gone to the moon undamaged!! It took me longer to get it out of the box than for it to travel across the country from New Mexico to Pennsylvania! We call this cage "Baby's mansion". I'm not kidding~~it's beautiful! If Oprah was a bird, I'm sure this would be her home. It's impeccably made. We have only had our little bird for a few weeks and I think I mentioned to you that he was biting us constantly. I thought he hated us. Now I'm almost sure he didn't like his accommodations in the old, cheapy little cage. He's a whole new bird. He's so happy, it's unbelievable. As far as you go could not have been nicer to deal with. It's obvious you really care and want to make sure your customers get exactly what they need and what is best for their bird. Thank you so much for everything, consider me another VERY satisfied customer! Sincerely,
-Jamie K. Washington Crossing, PA - October 27, 2009

Hi Carole, just wanted to let you know that I received the beautiful bird cage today! Your site really does not do them justice. Although it took me a few hours and many muscles to unpack it :) I really appreciate the time and energy that was spent to secure it for shipment (no damage). I will send pictures when I get everything set up! Thanks again,
-Sonja C - Atlanta GA - October 3, 2009

Hi Carole! The bird cages are so wonderful, I cannot even tell you! We received them last week, and the birds love them!!!!!!! We are so very happy that we did business with you. The craftmanship is so impressive! I will send pictures. I have my sister here currently visiting, and she also has birds and loves them. Lots of love and thank you!
-Patricia H. - Fort Meyers, FL - July 31, 2009

Hi Carole, I just received my BEAUTIFUL cage! My parakeet also loves it already. The packing was done extremely well. I really appreciate all of your help and courteous service. I will definitely recommend your bird cages to my friends! Thanks again! Sincerely,
-Crystal D. - Plant City, FL - February 24, 2009

Hi Carole: I received my bird cage yesterday and it's so beautiful! I just am so pleased with it. My birds love the bird cage also. Just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery.
-Marianna S. - Darien, IL - February, 2009

Hi Carole! Sorry it's taken so long to get to you on receiving our gorgeous bird cage on Monday! The holidays
kind of threw me off! Anyway, thank you so much for the beautiful design and quality and it looks like
part of the wholly remodeled house - you wouldn't even know a bird lived there! My husband says it's too
nice for the bird! Thanks again!
-Christina B. - Fitchburg, MA - December 4, 2008

Hi, Thank you, we love our beautiful cage, as does our canary, Mango! I would like to order another one.
-Tracey P. - Bethesda, MD - October 18, 2008

Carole, Thanks again! The cage and stand arrived today and look AWESOME! Thanks again and again!
-Lynn P. - Bloomington, IL - June 18, 2008

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful "custom" cage for my canary. The craftsmanship is extraordinary, right down to the smallest detail. The packaging was excellent as well as the customer service!! You truly deliver what you promise!!
-Theresa S. - Patchogue, NY - May 5, 2008

Dear Carole: I received my aviary the other day and it is absolutely beautiful. My golden conure, Abby, has adjusted well and is enjoying her spacious new home. I am enjoying how easy it is to clean and how clean the area around the cage stays! Your personal attention and professionalism was outstanding! I could never own anything other than a "Designer Aviary"!
-Lisa D. - Cape Coral, FL - March 24, 2008
Dear Carole: Binx's new home is just stunning! My friend calls it his bird palace. We could not be happier with our purchase, and you have been just wonderful to work with. The pictures just don't do justice to the exceptional craftsmanship and beauty! It is truly heirloom quality. Thanks so much! sincerely,
-Suzanne G. - Midwest City OK - March 13, 2008

Hi Carole: Words cannot even explain how much I love my new small cage for my canary. I was so excited to get this cage, you would think I was moving into it! My bird is very happy and perching well (he is lame). My neighbor came over and is totally jealous. I gave her all the info she needs to get in touch with you. You may have another happy customer. Everyone who sees the cage cannot believe how elegant it is. What a luck bird. What a lucky me!!!! Thank you so much for a stunning piece of furniture. Sincerely,
-Eleanor I - Wall, NJ - December 8, 2007

WOW is all I can say. Your web site does not even begin to show the beauty and craftsmanship of this stunning cage (like everyone else, I hate calling it a cage. It is a piece of furniture) I was so surprised when I received it. I knew from the site it was nice looking, but never expected workmanship of this quality. I can not say enough about Designer Aviaries. and Carole. The patience she had with all my phone calls and questions, even returning a call while she was climbing mountains (Mt. Whitney in California) on vacation. If anyone ever wants to ask a customer about your cages or your excellent service, please do not hesitate to give them my phone number. Thank you so much.
-Mike C. - Lakeland, Fl. - September 13, 2007

Hello Carole, this is from Joe and Peggie on Whidbey Island Washington. I wanted to e-mail you after talking to you on the phone today and let you know again how pleased we are with the new cage we received from you. It is beautiful. Your company has done a wonderful job making this cage. The craftsmanship is fantastic. What can I say, it is just so wonderful to have a piece of art like that in our living room. It fits so well. Out little boy Rocky, who we call Rocky Bird, just doesn't know what to say.  He kept saying "it is pretty" and saying "wow!" We just had to laugh. It's a new place to him, so he is trying to adjust to it as it is so different from what he has had for 9 years. I am sure he will find his way around. It is well worth the wait to receive this cage. It is actually hard to just call it a cage, because it is truly more then just that, it is a wonderful piece of furniture. Thank you so much for providing a wonderful place for our Rocky to live. I am sure he will enjoy it for years to come and we will enjoy looking at it also. I hope your company has continued success and we will surely tell everyone where we purchased this.  Have added some photos to the e-mail so you can see our little guy in his new Condo. Ha! Ha! Thanks again.  Best regards, (the photo is on our customer photo page)
-Joe and Peggie M. - Whidbey Island, WA - August 3, 2007

Hi Carole:  I received your beautiful bird cage. The canaries are in it and ready to hatch on Friday. It is so cool, no bird seed on the floor. I can't wait to receive the other one (she ordered two cages).  My best,
-Susan B. - Holladay, UT - July 19, 2007

Dear Carole: My cage arrived in perfect condition.  I set up the "Medium Designer" cage on Sunday and let "Mr. Canary" (American Singer) look at it until yesterday (Monday). Then I moved him in thinking that it might be so stressful that I would have to put him back in his smaller cage. He was right at home! He did not exhibit any signs of stress. He started playing with his toys, took a bath, and sang beautiful songs this morning! It is a truly beautiful home for him. I don't think he quite knows what to do with his new home and all of the space. He had been living in an 11" cage for two years. He loves to sit on the swing at the top of the cage. It's amazing. I'll send a photo. Thanks once again for providing me with a wonderful home for my little bird!!! Warmest regards,
-Ann M. - State College, PA - March 27, 2007  Note: This is Ann's third order.

(This customer purchased one of our "Deluxe Flight Cages", and it requires some assembly to attach the two cages together)
What a MAGNIFICENT CAGE!!  My husband Joe partially set up the cages yesterday.  He will be calling the foreman to get the details on finishing the attachment. Joe was highly impressed with the woodworking. Actually in awe on how beautiful it is! He didn't expect it to be so detailed and perfectly stained and finished. I'm sure he'll express that to the foreman when he talks to him. As far as I am concerned - it's downright gorgeous. I'm mentally planning the details of the inside and outside of the cage. I already have new nests to put in. I love the baths. They are really big ones. That's great! It is all so perfect and an awesome centerpiece for our dining room. It matches perfectly with the side board, so it will look like one piece of furniture.  Thanks again! Tell your guys they are truly craftsmen. That is a title held by many but achieved by few.
-Kathy S. Phoenix, AZ - March 27, 2007

Dear Carole, my large designer aviary arrived intact in its fantastic packaging. I agree with your other customers that you do a fabulous job ensuring the aviary is protected in its journey. And the quality! I ordered mine in the cherry version with the natural stain; it is beautiful and fits perfectly into my living room with the other cherry and teak furniture. I bought four little finches yesterday and they seem ecstatic with all the room they have in which to fly. Their sweet singing and chirping tells me I make the right choice for their home. Thank you all for the terrific job. Count me in among your very happy customers. It was great to do business with you! Best regards,
- Gina M. - Libertyville, IL - March 10, 2007

Our bird (SpaZ) loves the cage and really likes the grill verses the previous bars. Easier to climb around. From our human standpoint, creates an excellent and most stylish focal point for our living room. Construction is outstanding and shows quality throughout. We also like the built-in guards. Most cages have guards that stick our and increase size by as much as 10 inches and are unsightly. The clear vertical guards with brass guides are an excellent design feature. An outstanding purchase for that bird who is going to be with you for the next 15-?? years. Worried about shipping? Crating was perfect and molded to the cage and stand with proper reinforcements and internal wrapping. Bottom line: Want a custom cage that not only suites your avian, but is an outstanding hand fabricated addition to your home, get one, you won't be disappointed. Signed//An extremely satisfied customer. Thanks again, Am sincerely satisfied with your product.
-R/Scott S. - Bremerton, WA - March 8, 2007

Hi Carole. Our cage arrived today and I have to say it is flawless. Rarely do things live up to one's expectations, especially when ordering on line, but this cage is just gorgeous.  There is not one part that doesn't exude quality workmanship. It came just when you said it would, meticulously packages with all the items we ordered correctly included. It's better in person than the pictures on your web site. Thanks, you do a fabulous job!!
-Larry K. Poway, CA - March 5, 2007

Hi Carole. We received the beautiful cage. I love it! Ruffles also really loves it. It was definitely worth the wait! Thank you so much.
-Georgann W. - Albuquerque, NM -  February 13, 2007

Hi Carole!!!!!!!!! Well...Webster's new home arrived today, and we are thrilled!!!!!!!! You were right about the white washed oak - the contrast with the black wire is just beautiful. It fits in our kitchen just perfectly and the tone of the wood matches our table and chairs. It is a beautiful piece of furniture and just what we were looking for (but didn't think existed). We hung all of his "stuff" in there before we put him in and it didn't take him long to adjust at all - in 15 minutes he was swinging in his swing and standing on his new manzanita perch. get Yahtzee Bonus Points for the incredible shipping job you did - I think that packaging is virtually indestructible, you'd have to drive over it to do any damage. It came out of the box perfect with not a mark or scratch - we are impressed!!!! And we'll surely spread your name to everyone we know!! Thanks so much. Kind regards,
-Kerri and Paul S. - Middle Island, NY - February 7, 2007

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that the cage I ordered from you arrived safely and on time. It is beautiful! My kids were really excited to receive such a wonderful gift from Santa!
-Kim F. - Tucson, AZ - December 31, 2006 

Hi Carole, I wanted to let you know that I received the bird cage and it is AWESOME! Everyone who comes to the house always admires its look and comments that it looks more like furniture than a bird cage. I didn't give you immediate feedback because I wanted to see how it worked with my Cockatiel and how easy it was to clean. Not only is the design, workmanship and the overall look outstanding, it is a breeze to clean! I love the removable grate and bottom and the plastic panels are great for keeping the seed in the cage. When we get our second bird I'll be sure to give you a call. Thanks again for the great cage, 
-Carmen D. - Annapolis, MD - December 30, 2006 

Dear Carole, I love my bird cage and the play stand. They are absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy, and the cage for my "Miss Mattie" sits perfectly next to my desk. The play stand is close by. I want to mention that the perches clean so easily, I am amazed. I would like to order another cage, and will call you Friday. Thanks again and hugs.
-Ann M. - State College, PA - October 25. 2006

We received our cage yesterday, and I cannot tell you how pleased we are; not only with the finished product, but with the professionalism with which it was packed! Trudy, our African Grey is adapting well and seems to be very much at home in her new surroundings. I thank you so much for the wonderful customer service that your company provided us. Please know that we will not hesitate for a moment to contact you again when the need arises.  Many thanks again.
-Tamara W. - Columbus, OH, October 19, 2006

Hi, I just wanted to say that I received my Medium Classic Bird Cage with the Red Mahogany finish. It arrived well packaged and in good order. My conure "Poco" loves it, and has plenty of room to play! I am very happy with the purchase.
-Brian T. - Bozeman, MT - October 18, 2006

It's beautiful!!!!! It really is beautiful and in great shape after its' long journey across the country. I just set it up and put the birds in it, and they love their new house. It is so pretty. What a difference over the old metal clunker of a cage I had before that injured three of my finches!!!!!!!! Thank you for taking such great care in wrapping and shipping it. Good job. Sincerely,
-Mary Katherine L. - Charlotte, NC - July 13, 2006

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received my cage several days ago. It's beautiful! My husband is an accomplished wood worker, and it even meets his strict standards. As soon as I can, I'll get you a picture of my bird in the cage. Thanks!
-Christina T. - North Ridge, CA - May 27, 2006

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that our birdcages were delivered yesterday.  I opened the Large Classic and it is beautiful!!  Thanks for the great service.
-Mary Ellen L. - Wayne, PA  - May 17, 2006

Dear Carole:  My canary has really been enjoying his new cage. He swings, he uses the new bath and flies from branch to branch. Most importantly, he no long engages in the repetitive pecking behavior that he did in the other cage.  In addition, I, as the owner of the cage, am thrilled with no more seeds on the rug! I wish that I had found your website earlier!  Sincerely,
-Jeanne H. - Oro Valley, AZ - May 12, 2006

Hello, We received our aviary yesterday, and we are thrilled. It's just beautiful.  Thank you!
-Terri M. - Portland, Or, May 5, 2006

We ordered your large size cage approximately 5 years ago, and it looks as good as the day it arrived. When we bought the cage, we lived in a traditional home with traditional furnishings. Now we are in a condo on the Gulf, and the cage also looks awesome in a tropical setting! We're very excited about getting a new cage for our second home.  Please call so that I can place my order.
-Monika C. - San Antonio, TX - May 4, 2006

Carole: I received my bird cage yesterday. When customers talk about it being packaged tight, it sure was! It really is a beautiful cage, well made and I am very pleased. Can't wait to get a new addition to the family, a canary I've always wanted. My 13 year old son went WOW when I put it in the living room. We can't wait to occupy it. Thanks!
-Lori B. - Paulina, LA - February 10, 2006

We received the bird cage on Friday night. The cage came in perfect condition. We are so pleased with the cage. It's nice to see in this day and age a company that cares about the type of product they are producing. I've done a lot of cabinet and furniture making back in my younger years. Needless to say I was very impressed with the quality of your workmanship. The shipping packaging could not have been better. Great job!
-Nick L. - Riverview, FL- February 13, 2006

Hi Carole: The cages are spectacular!!! We are going to use them in our den area and they are as pretty as our furniture, so it's only fitting.  This way she can be with us when we're hanging out in the house all day. Thanks again for everything.  We love the cages, and will send pictures as soon as possible.
-Carol F. - Madeira Beach, FL - January 18, 2006

Hi Carole, Our large designer aviary arrived just as promised, the day before Christmas Eve--what a great present! It is indeed a fine piece of furniture and fits into our living room decor easily. The canaries and finches (especially) love the swings and perches. They talk and sign all the time now. Thank you again, for your incredible product. Happy New Year!
-Kathy and Steve T. - Minneapolis, MN - December 28, 2005 

Thanks! Our cage arrived safely and we are thrilled. The cage is simply beautiful!
-Sylvia J. - Colorado Springs, CO - December 10, 2005

Hi Carole, The cages arrived safe and sound. They are absolutely beautiful! The UPS driver guy went above and beyond and put the cages in our outside shed. I will send you pictures of our birds once we have everything all set up. Thanks for all your help.
-Peter L. - Ledyard, CT - November 16, 2005

Hi Carole, My small finch birdcage arrived on Tuesday and I couldn't be more pleased. From the moment I saw the boxes and the quality of the packaging I knew the contents was going to be great. The design is beautiful. You've thought of everything. The cage is finished like a fine piece of furniture and will blend in beautifully with my decor. Thanks for your quality product and outstanding service.
-Gary B. - St. Charles, IL - October 27, 2005

Hi Carole, I received my bird cage on Thursday and it is just beautiful. Well worth the wait. My bird looks like he is lost in there, he is not used to so much room.  I might have to get him a friend. Thanks again. Anyone that wants to invest in a good cage should purchase one of yours.
 Deborah P. - Manahawkin, NJ - September, 2005

Hi Carole: I want to let you know that my designer aviary arrived on Thursday, as you indicated. I proceeded immediately to unpack it and I was pleasantly surprised that the cage and components (which were thoroughly packed) fit so nicely with the room decor. The cherry wood does indeed look elegant and I am pleased with the workmanship of the aviary. You deliver a fine product. Sincerely, 
 John F. - Orangeburg, NY - September 16, 2005

(This is from a customer who purchased one of our Large Designer cages in 2001)
Hi, just checked your website, something I haven't done in quite a while.  Just checking to see if there is anything new.  I just wanted you to know that our cage looks a good as the day I received it.  I do periodically wax it :). Cleaning is so easy, and thank you for the nice design. Only finches in there now, but they sure are happy! Lots of monkey business goes on in there. Thanks a bunch!
 Eric Z. - Claremont, NH - August 2, 2005

Hi Carole, Our cages arrived today on schedule and we are thrilled with them! When we redecorated our living room, the parrots' old metal cages seemed such a discordant note - but the designer cages (we're really glad we got the large ones) are perfect. Shorty and Lulu are settling in very nicely. Thanks so much for the lovely addition to our living room furniture!
 -Candy G. - Chicago, IL - June 16, 2005

Carole, The  second "CondoCage" arrived and all is well! Crunch loves his cage. Sure beats the dog cage. Captain Crunch is a Severe macaw. Thanks again!
 -John Q. -  Lansing, NC, - March 30, 2005

Carole, Thanks for your call yesterday. The cage arrived and is beautiful. There were two big gouges in the box, but luckily they were on the corners were there was additional packaging or we would have had a problem. Thanks for all your help. We love the cage. I don't even like calling it a cage. It's too beautiful to be called a cage! Thanks again!
 -Earle Q. - Lansing, NC - February 17, 2005

Thank you so very much for the beautiful bird cage. Our birds "Pretty Girl" and "Cutie Boy" are just loving their new cage. They are flying all over the cage. It is a beautiful piece of furniture, and everyone that sees it just loves it. We call it their "New Condo".  Thank you again!
 Mary and Anthony F. - Naples, FL - February 27, 2005

Carole, the cage has arrived and is beautiful. Thanks for all your help. We love the cage. I don't even like calling it a cage. It's too beautiful to be called a cage!  Thanks!
 Earle Q. - Lansing, NC - February 18, 2005

Hi Carole, I got the bird cage!  I love it - it is a beautiful thing! It is so much more beautiful in person than I could have possibly imagined. I am impressed and amazed at the way the workmanship is. It is gorgeous. The birds are in it and they LOVE it! They look beautiful inside, and I just can't thank you enough. It is just, just, just so gorgeous! Thank you so much!
 Francine T. - North Brunswick, NJ. - February 1, 2005

Hello Carole, can't tell you how pleased we are with QUINCY'S new cage. It is truly beautiful. Our family and friends that were over for the Holidays commented on how it was more like a piece of furniture than a bird cage. Thanks again for everything.
  Ed D. - Woodridge, IL. - January 11, 2005

Hi Carole--Young Elwood (Amazon) arrived to his truly fancy new home and has adapted wonderfully. My bird-collecting sister-in-law already has attempted to woo us out of your magnificent cage. It is a great addition, and our daughter Amy was most pleased  with it when she arrived for Christmas having driven 17 hours with husband, Elwood and new dog!  Many thanks and best wishes!
 Greg V. - Lexington, KY - January 10, 2005

Carole, Sorry to be so late in letting you know that the cage arrived in excellent condition. I always tease my husband that he is the ultimate wrapper/packer, but I think you have surpassed him! It took me about an hour to unpack the two boxes and set up everything. The finches have "moved in" and are very happy with their new digs. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday!
 Gail W. - Monument, CO - December 29, 2004

Just to let you know, my birdcage did arrive last Friday (12/17/04). It was in perfect condition and is very beautiful. Charlie loves his new cage. Thanks for sending it to me promptly and just in time for Christmas!
 Sandra S. - Kingwood, TX - December 28, 2004

Dear Carole - I absolutely love the beautiful bird cage - it is gorgeous and looks wonderful in our room. And Mozart (our canary) loves it too and is busy singing away in it and exploring. We are very pleased with the quality and workmanship. Thank you!
 Nan C. - Lancaster, PA - June 1, 2004

Hi Carole, Just wanted to let you know that the cage arrived safe and sound. Lacey won't move in until next week after we return from a trip. Thanks for the quick delivery. It's just as beautiful as the other one! (they have two of our cages) Lacey, Harpo, Sunny and Misty will be the envy of the birdie spa this weekend!
 Alyson K. -  East Windsor, NJ - April 27, 2004

Carole, the beautiful aviary arrived in perfect condition and the quality of your work is absolutely superb. Thank you, thank you!
 Jane S. - Dallas, TX - April 27, 2004

Thanks so much for the beautiful work you do in making your birdcages! Ours arrived a few days ago in pristine condition. The natural cherry goes very will with our teak dinning room furniture, so I was able to set it up in the corner as I had planned. Eventually, after our remodeling, we will have a lot of plants to put around it. Our canary is very happy in his new cage and location! Thanks again.
 Mary Lou C. - Eden Praire, MN - April 21, 2004

Carole, the cage arrived late in the afternoon yesterday. It is just beautiful - my husband was very impressed with the workmanship. My birds moved right in - no problem whatsoever. It adds to the beauty of our covered lanai. Thank you again so much. A very happy customer in Hawaii.
 Georgette L. - Honolulu, HI - January 27, 2004

Dear Carole: Our birds are having a wonderful time in their beautiful new bird cage. Our family enjoys watching the finches as they play and inspect their new environment. They especially love the birdbath. In addition to cleaning themselves, it gives them yet another place to perch themselves. Thank you for a wonderful product.
 Laura B. - Bryn Mawr, PA - January 15, 2004

Hi Carol, just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know my Finches are truly enjoying their new cage. We are all very happy with it. Thank you again!
Marlene G. - Coral Springs, FL - January 15, 2004

Hi, the cage is the BEST! and thanks for the Christmas Greetings on the boxes. I am currently plotting my next cage purchase, I'm so happy and, bye the bye, the finches are thrilled! Happy New Year!
 Rebecca R. - Indianola, WA - December 31, 2003

Hi Carole, just wanted to let you know we received our bird cage on Christmas Eve day, and we were very excited! It is just beautiful ~ our birds are truly enjoying their new home. Thank you again! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours!
 Marlene G. - Coral Springs, FL - December 27, 2003

I received the cage today and just finished setting it up. It is as gorgeous as I had imagined, and the birds are quite pleased. Thanks so much for all of your help.
 Loral S. -  Mill Valley, CA - October 24, 2003

Carole, I'm sorry for the delay in responding to the cages (2 medium cages). I LOVE THEM! All the birds love their room to move around.  I can't wait until the large cage arrives (she ordered a large cage also). I'll need another medium size later when I have some more money to spend on cages. Thanks again sooooo much for the beautiful design.
 Judy B. - Weatherford, TX - October 24, 2003

Hi Carole, everything worked out wonderfully! The cage is beautiful and the delivery service was extremely helpful....if you ever pass along kudos to Conway Shipping, Rick in Chicago helped me out immensely. The packing was superb, as good or better than I could have imagined, it would be difficult to damage anything. The wood looks perfect in the house and the size is just right for where I have located of the focal points of my house :) In short, I am very pleased and you were a pleasure to work with!
 Susan L. - Chicago, IL - July 19, 2003

My cage arrived!  It is absolutely beautiful - I love it!  Thanks so much.
 Barbara S. - Beaverton, OR - July 11, 2003

Received the aviary yesterday, set it up this morning and moved my canary in. He's happy! What a beautiful, sturdy, masterful piece of work. In an age when practically everything disappoints, you have exceeded even my high expectations and standards. Kudos to designer aviaries, both for the gorgeous aviary and the excellent service. Take care!
 Helen A. - Washington, DC - June 27, 2003

Hi Carole, our cage arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. Our birds seem to love it too. It was well worth the wait. We are now trying to find the perfect place for it. Thanks again!! Great work!
 Marie P. - Wilmington, N.C. - May 9, 2003

Received large birdcage today.  It is beautiful and arrived in tip top condition. My bird is adjusting a little at a time. Thanks for a great product! We will be enjoying it for years to come.
 Karen B. - Butler, NJ - April 26, 2003
 (Karen's response to my request to put her e-mail on our web site - Carole)
Dear Carole, Absolutely!! Christmas, our Sun Conure is adjusting nicely. The cage is such a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. It is so great to watch her in her new home. Again thanks so much. Karen - April 30, 2003

Carole - I wanted to let you know how psyched I am to have my new cage. When I was shopping around for a new cage, I poured over different cages for months but I kept coming back to Designer Aviaries. It took a lot of politicking to justify to my wife the cost, but when I finally got it and set it up, all she could say was "Wow!" She's a big furniture buff and she was impressed with the quality. Now she shows it to any and all of our friends that come over! Anyway, thanks again for your quick replies to my questions, and most of all for building such a great product.
 Ed M. - New Market, MD - April 4, 2003

Carole, the cage came today in perfect condition. I am so impressed with it!!! My husband is more impressed because he can identify with the amazing woodworking job, and it is not easy to impress my husband!! Next time I think I would have ordered a bigger one. Very nice job!!!
 Nancy K. - Washoe Valley, NV - March 31, 2003 

Hi: Thank you for the beautiful oak bird cage. It came a day early--on Thursday. It was fun unwrapping it! The 3 cockatiels are very, very happy. They sing all the time now, and it looks perfect with our oak bedroom set. It is so easy to keep clean, and I enjoy looking at it because it is so beautiful. It was worth the wait...thank you again..
 Sherry Z. - Sierra Vista, AZ - March 29, 2003

 Hello! The cage arrived Thursday, and we just put the birds in today! They love it, and it is gorgeous. A perfect fit with the room and just what we wanted. Thanks again!
 Katie Z. - Ft. Collins, CO - March 29, 2003

Hi Carole! We received Charley's new home today and are soooo pleased. It's interesting to see the changes in design over the past eight years, but very reassuring to see the same quality we have come to love! (they bought one of our cages eight years ago)  We set the new home next to our existing aviary so Charley can still feel like part of "the gang" without stressing anybody.  He's settled in nicely, and was singing away happily within a couple of hours. Thanks again for the speedy/quality service!!!!
 Becky J. - Kent, WA - March 18, 2003

Hi Carole, the cage arrived on Tuesday, and I couldn't be more excited. It is absolutely beautiful and more than I dreamed it would be. It is definitely a statement "home" for the "girls", who have moved in and are happily exploring. The custom bath works wonderfully, and fits perfectly. Thanks for all your help, and thanks to the people in the shop for such great craftsmanship.
 Alyson K. and Harpo, Misty and Sunny - East Windsor, NJ - March 6, 2003

Hi Carole: Received my cage were right, I did spend part of the evening unpacking it. The cage is better than I expected, which is always a nice surprise. Thanks again for the fine work of art.
 Theresa H. - Merritt Island, FL - March 4, 2003

Hi! I am the proud owner of one of your Large Designer Aviaries. I've had the "bird home" for about 7 years, and I'm still just as pleased as the day I brought it home!!! The aviary is home to a mixed community of finches, and I think they're very happy in it. We recently added a canary to the community when one of our elderly finches passed. He was in a mixed flight cage at the store where we purchased him, however, he's proven a little aggressive in our "bird home". So, I would like to purchase a Medium Designer Aviary. My canary, Charley, should feel at home in his own space, and I'll be able to restore peace to our existing finch community. Thank you for your efforts in creating such wonderful homes for the "bird community" :)
 Becky J. - Kent, WA  - February 27, 2003

Carole, my cage arrived on Friday. It is absolutely beautiful. A true work of art. The detail and finish is finer than some of the "name brand" pieces in my living room. Peachy and Keen are enjoying it as well. Thanks again.
 Pat J. - Salem, VA - February 18, 2003

Carole - Before ordering my cage I read all the testimonials about you and your product, and immediately thought "there is nothing further that can be said".  Boy, was I wrong!
   The designer cage that I received is not only a magnificent "aviary", it is not only a magnificent "piece of furniture"; it is truly a magnificent work of art. It is a rare treasure that could be compared to a fine painting or piece of sculpture.
   Never again will I own a bird cage other than one of yours. (I have two and will be ordering a third). Ironically, the work is so magnificent that I would encourage people who don't even own birds to order one for their home. It can always be used to hold a lavish plant - or if a bird is a "must" - a decorative bird (such as those used to trim Christmas trees, etc) would suffice.
   And you, in my opinion, are every bit a work of art as is your product. You are the epitome of what every business owner should strive to be.
   Thank you for being you and for producing as fine a product as anyone could possible hope to achieve.
 Spencer W. - Tampa, FL - February 13, 2003
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